S.F. 210 Sutter Professional 750ml

S.F. 210

Degreaser for ovens, cookers and hot plates

Eliminates burnt fat


Viscous product to guarantee better adherence on vertical surfaces


Suitable for HACCP use


Specific alkaline detergent for removing burnt fat from ovens, grills, hot plates and roasting spits. Suitable for use in the food area (HACCP).


Ready to use

How to use

Heat the surfaces to be cleaned at 60°-70°C. Turn off and afterwards spray the product evenly. Leave to act for a few minutes, rub with abrasive tool and rinse with sponge cloth and water. Before use the oven heat for 10 minutes.

5 Kg size: before use, unscrew the cap and put on the specific sprayer.

Weight0.85 kg

750ml, 5L


Pine Safety Data sheet


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