OXIPUR ECOPOWDER Sutter Professional 8kg

Powder detergent for washing machines

Atomized complete powder

Enzymatic formula with high efficiency while respecting fabrics

Excellent results on white and coloured fabrics


Powder with atomized complete and enzymatic formula with outstanding cleaning power. Ideal for all types of dirt with excellent results on white and coloured fabrics. Thanks to the enzymatic action, it is particularly suitable for organic/protein origin dirt. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, accommodation facilities. PHOSPHATE-FREE.


To be dosed according to the washing cycle, water hardness and kind of dirt. Recommended dosages and temperatures allow you to save on water and energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact to a minimum. For further information please contact the Sutter Professional technician.

In case of PREWASH: split the recommended product dosage by 25% for the pre-wash and 75% for the washing. For example: with a dosage of 16 g/kg, use 4 g in the pre-wash phase and 12 g in the washing phase.

Weight8.1 kg


Reflesh Safety Data sheet


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