GRILL CLEANER Plus Sutter Professional 750ML


Natural* degreaser for ovens, cooktops and grills

Effectiveness tested against market leader in a ISO 17025 certified laboratory.


Produced with raw materials from natural origin, fully biodegradable*


Super-effective and gripping formula thanks to foam generation



Ultra-effective degreaser for the removal of burnt grease. Thanks to its highly gripping foam formula, it removes persistent residues. Ideal for ovens and cooktops. Foaming formula with high gripping power. It contains vegetal origin raw materials (e.g. surfactants) coming from the processing of corn. Colourless and fragrance-free. Also suitable for the cleaning of internal surfaces within boats, ships and other transport.


Ready to use.
The suggested dilution allows to economize and reduces the environmental impact to the minimum. This product is not intended for large-scale cleaning.

How to use

Heat the oven or the cookplate to be cleaned up to 60°-70°C. Turn it off and then spray the product evenly on the surface. Leave it to act for a few minutes, rub with cloth or sponge cloth and rinse with water. Before using the oven or plate again, heat it to make the product residues evaporate.

Weight2 kg


Pine Safety Data sheet


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